M A N D Y   S T R O B E L

Advent und Weihnachten – Zeit der Stille und Besinnung, bis jemand auf die Idee kam,
dass Geschenke sein müssen…......

I now find myself in an age where a person must think about what he has accomplished and what he must yet try to accomplish. For instance, what is still to be done as the end draws nearer,or what is our purpose in life? With the increasing of age, my thoughts of religious beliefs and the purpose of my life on earth are with me almost daily. 

Earlier in life I never gave much thought to Christian values.Foremost was my life with the family which was a great challenge to master.Today though, after my best years have quietly moved ahead, I often ask myself:have I always been fair in life and how will it be in the future years? Have I forgotten some things or didn’t pray enough? Perhaps I didn’t thank God enough?Actually I have gone through life until now with a feeling of well-being. How do I go from here? Will I pay for wrong doings  that I may have committed? What awaits me at my end? 


The past – it’s gone forever 

The present – depends on the thoughts of thefuture that’s left 

So be honest andthankful and live your life – till the END

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Die Einfachheit des Lebens als Grundsatz –  Singer & Songwriter Mandy Strobel Alle nützlichen Überzeugungen insich zu tragen, ist eine hilfreiche Strategie, mit sich im Reinen zu sein unddies auch gegenüber seiner Umwelt auszudrücken. Mandy Strobel hat als Mediumhierfür seine Musik gewählt, seine Stärken erkannt und umgesetzt. Respekt undAchtung für sich selbst und andere sind Teile seines Wertesystems. Glaubhaft,wenn man ihn kennt und seinen Texten zuhört. Achtsamkeit gegenüber demeinfachen Leben, Dankbarkeit fürs Sein >>> weiter



Die Seele des Miteinanders - Bluegrass-Gottesdienst in Birkenried  


Im vergangenen Herbst entdeckten die Country & Western Friends Kötz e. V.

ihrem hohen Anspruch an das Besondere folgend, das Kulturgewächshaus Birkenried bei Gundelfingen (in der Nähe von Ulm) für sich als idealen Veranstaltungsort, außergewöhnliche musikalische Kunst in einem dafür passenden Rahmen zu präsentieren. In Birkenried wird in einer Gehöft- und Garten-Anlage Kunstschaffenden die Möglichkeit geboten, die Ruhe und das Ambiente dieser Umgebung zu nutzen, um die einmalige Atmosphäre auf sich und ihr Schaffen wirken zu lassen.

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Mandy Strobel is back with a new CD

It took a little longer but something good requires time. The new CD

“from then till now”

is a product of the combined work of lyrics from Ron Davis and music from Mandy Strobel, and was released to the public on September 1st 2010. All 12 songs wre produced in Nashville, TN in the “Creek Studio” with the excellent work from Brent Moyer and Mandy Strobel.This CD is the “first” of “five”. That means four more CDs with the title

“From then till now”

will be produced.Mandy has taken it on himself to relate the stories and true happenings from his life wrapped into good traditional country music. As Walter Fucks describes in his books, “World and music may change but Mandy Strobel’s style remains the same”.Also, the fact that Mandy Strobel belongs to the list of the many independent artists, it is therefore important that this music is supported. Through continuous airplay we can support the true country music so it will not be forgotten.Neither businesses or sponsors of any kind stand beside Mandy Strobel with a helping hand. So “hand made” and “cash paid” as well as the risk is a fact for Mandy Strobel’s production.The friendly relationship with Joe Sun and Katja Kaye is noticeable in the three duet songsWe wish to all the DJs and listeners of the country radio programs much enjoyment by listening to the new CD from Mandy Strobel “From then till now”.

 MANDY STROBEL must own a time machine as he has been able to jump back and capture the essence of the golden years of country music. We couldn' t believe the first time we heard his music. It was like the calendar had changed its date to 1956. As if a clone of Sun Studios had been at work and the freshness of those early days filled the air. This is not a newly discovered Johnny Cash recording. It is the mystery man Mandy Strobel whose vision has brought back the purity of sounds from the Fast.Frank Fara *Comstockrecords*E-mail: fara@comstockrecords.com 

Just when you thought that the last genuine country singer had recorded the final album in nashville along comes a newcomer to kick start it back into life. This guy comes from germany of all places to show how country albums should be made.Mandy stroebel grew up hearing music played by US soldiers stationed near his home which accounts for the genuine feel that this guy has for country music. He spent his time in nashville listening to and talking to songwriters before recording this cd. This time spent has paid off in spades.The other side is a first class cd of genuine country music that everybody should have in their collection. Not only has he picked songs by some of country's best songwriters, steve earle, kieran kane, irene kelly but he has some wonderful guests on his album also. Joe Sun, Becky hobbs, Jo-el sonnier.15 tracks of pure country sung with feeling and expression. The cd was co produced by brent moyer who also contributes the almost obligatory drinking song in 'Drinking My Thinking'. Jo-el sonnier and his accordian adds a cajun touch to the album. Two duets with songstress Becky hobbs make this an oustanding collection. To me the pick of the album is 'the last hank' a duet with Joe Sun. This track sums up the whole approach to the album, what will happen when the last hank is gone? well as long as there are singers like Mandy willing to carry on the tradition of true country that is going to be some time to come.Barry Wass  

MOST OF ALLMandy claims as his own a few signature tunes that he borrowed from his great hero, Johnny Cash. Among them are 'One Piece At A Time' and 'Folsom Prison Blues'. On the personal side, Mandy speaks affectionately of his dear wife who he describes as a 'career pushing wife -but lovely!' A patriarch now of sorts, Mandy has four children and seven grandchildren. When he gets time, he collects coins, likes to travel, but - most of all - he likes to work on his music sometimes with other songwriters.Like a guided missile that seeks out its target, Mandy Strobel has a 'good ear for a good song' as his CDs clearly illustrate. A man of direction, he is conscious of assessing his rate of success in music. He says that he tries to stand for true-blue, traditional Country Music and therefore, always sets himself that as his continuous goal. Looking to the future, Mandy hopes to be doing more CD recording while creating new musical works while writing his own songs.PAUL DAVIS www.pauldavisauthor.com 


Brent about Mandy 

You meet a lot of people when you are out on the road and a lot people talk about how they're going do this or that and say that they're going to give you a call, and they never do. So I guess when I was talking to Mandy for the first time last spring in Germany and he said he was coming to Nashville and we would go have a beer together, I didn' t think too much about it. Low and behold, he came and we had a beer together. Not only just a beer together, but I had the opportunity to work with Mandy and produce his CD.Three days before we were to start tracking, I still had no idea of what we were going to do or how Mandy sang or played. We got together on Friday afternoon and went through 15 songs, wrote charts and arranged them, then on Monday morning we went into the studio and cut them. I was real impressed with Mandy' s professionalism. He is quite a good singer and an adequate guitar player. In fact, we used several of his scratch vocals and most of his guitar parts for the final performance on his CD. Not too many artists can do that, not even the big boys. It was a real pleasure spending time with Elsy ( the silent listener, she hears everything ) and Mandy and I think this CD is a fine representation for his first recording project. I'm sure proud of it and I think those of you who listen to it will agree.Brent Moyer Nashville, TN 

Absolutely the best I've ever heard.author: Gert SvenssonFolks, if you like country music, buy this cd. It is the best I've ever heard (and I have heard a lot the last 40 years)            

Thanks Mandy!                                                                                                      

author: Gert Svensson